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Oil giant TOTAL is a partner of Autodrom Most

The Autodrom Most has gained a strong new partner:  TOTAL ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA, a member of TOTAL MARKETING & SERVICES, a business division of the TOTAL concern, the fourth largest oil company in the world…

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New surface on part of the racing circuit will probably lead to new circuit records

Part of the racing circuit in the Most Autodrom will get a new asphalt surface and curbs. The contractor milled the parts of the circuit which no longer complied with the criteria of the FIA and FIM E…

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13.02. - 13.02. Autodrom The Most Winter Challenge
20.02. - 20.02. Courses Course with penalty points deduction
20.02. - 20.02. Courses STANDARD safe driving course
20.02. - 20.02. Courses FUN course for drivers
20.02. - 20.02. Courses Driving course FOR FAMILY
20.02. - 20.02. Courses FOR AGIP Course for drivers
27.02. - 27.02. Courses Course with penalty points deduction
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