The fastest production motorcycle championship in the world at Most

MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship, which will have premiere at Autodrom Most in early August, uses series manufactured road motorcycles. For races, the machines are modified only by some components (shock absorbers, engine parts, exhaust). At first glance, they are reminiscent with serial models that we meet on roads around the world. That is why many fans of motorcycling have follows the championship.

While MotoGP races with purpose-built racing motorcycles, the superbike category is based on production homologated motorcycles that can be purchased in the showroom. Their modifications differ according to the category - WorldSBK, WorldSSP, WorldSSP300.

"If we speak about the highest class, superbikes, the adjustments are quite significant. The motorcycle has a modified engine, suspension, brakes, wheels, rear swing fork, electronics and then of course bodyparts (footrests, handlebars, hood). Power is higher, the bike works better. As for the brakes and chassis, it is lighter and, of course, has more sophisticated electronics, especially traction control settings, ride by wire, engine brakes, antiwheelie, "said the successful motorcycle rider Jakub Smrž, a long-time participant in the MotoGP series and the Superbike World Championship. He is currently the manager of the Accolade Smrz Racing Superbike World Championship in the WorldSSP300 category.

MotoGP and WorldSBK operates on the basis of different technical regulations governed by the promoter and commercial rights holder of both championships, Dorna, together with the FIM. Technical regulations allows to maintain the spirit of fair play. MotoGP has more open regulations than WorldSBK, so that designers have more freedom to innovate. MotoGP allows much more lighter and stronger materials such as titanium, magnesium alloys or carbon.

In the spirit of maintaining reasonable costs, the above-mentioned materials are limited in WorldSBK. In addition, all motorcycles in this category must have a production series frame. Furthermore, carbon wheels, carbon and ceramic brake discs, the use of titanium in the construction of the swing arm, front fork, handlebars, or wheel pins and swing arm pin are prohibited. The machine thus remains much closer to the production machines on which fans rides to the championship venues.

The MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship has 13 racing weekends in this year's calendar, the sixth one will be the premiere in Most, from 6th to 8th August. Three race weekends were already completed, in Spain, Portugal and Italy. After nine races, the six-time world champion, Briton Jonathan Rea is at the top of the WorldSBK standings. Dominique Aegerter from Switzerland dominates the WorldSSP category. The WorldSSP300 category, where two young Czechs Oliver König and Petr Svoboda also appear, is currently dominated by Spanish driver Adrian Huertas.

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