Autodrom Most 2023: More affordable superbikes, Czech Truck Prix & NASCAR, and a car festival.

30.11.2022 10:55

The highlight of the 2023 season in Most will be once again the Superbike World Championship, which brings important innovations in admission fees and accommodation for fans. The calendar also includes the traditional Czech Truck Prix & NASCAR European Championship, and the third most important event of the 2023 season in Most will be The Most CLASSIC – a car festival including the Austrian Histo cup series.

This year, the WorldSBK will visit Most for the third time. It brought a captivating show and exciting battles to the latest round for almost 40,000 visitors this year. Czech fans could cheer for a total of 11 domestic drivers, led by Oliver König. The 2023 WorldSBK Czech Round (July 28-30, 2023) brings two important news for visitors. The organizers heard the fans' calls for more affordable tickets, and not only reduced the overall price of the ticket, but also divided it between the spectator site and the paddock. This means that the basic one-day entrance fee to the spectator slope will be available for 750 CZK, and you can add entry to the paddock for 750 CZK. Now visitors can decide whether they will only watch the races, or if they want to get to know the atmosphere in the paddock as well and have a really close look at the service areas of the teams. "In previous years, we only offered a single entrance fee including the spectator site and the paddock. By dividing it, we are able to offer fans watching the races for less than half the price compared to last year, and even if we count the spectator site + paddock option, the spectators will save a hundred crowns," calculates the favorable changes in the entrance fee Josef Zajíček, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Autodrom Most. The complete price list and other details of the WorldSBK Czech Round will be presented by Autodrom Most with the start of ticket sales at the beginning of December. For the time being, fans can buy VIP tickets in discounted Christmas packages on the autodrome website.

Another important innovation concerns the accommodation of fans during WorldSBK. The organizers managed to coordinate the date with the music and sports festival The Most Fest, which will be held at the same time. Visitors to both events can independently use the capacities of the tent city in the new recreation zone of the Most lake complex. The synergy of both events for visitors also means a more varied accompanying program and the possibility of further active enjoyment.

The second busiest racing weekend will be the traditional racing weekend - Czech Truck Prix & NASCAR, which this time will be held during the holiday period of 25-27 August 2023. As always, the weekend will also include European NASCAR and also support series, still to be specified by the organizers during the year.

The end of the 2023 season will belong to historic cars in Most. Already this year, the organizers combined the races of the Austrian Histo cup series with a meeting and exhibition of classic cars. For next year, they plan to expand the concept of The Most CLASSIC event (October 6-8, 2023) into the format of a three-day automobile festival open to fans, owners, clubs and collectors of classic cars. In addition to the Histo cup races, the goal is to offer more space for owners of historic cars from the general public. They will be able to not only display their car again, but also drive it, both on the big racing circuit and participate in competition of regularity drives on the polygon circuit and other activities.

The race calendar for 2023 also includes other popular events and club races such as Carbonia cup, Le Most, or Czech Moto Classic. There is also the International German Motorcycle Championship IDM, which will be held in a series including circuits such as Hockenheim or the Red Bull Ring. The AUTOSHOW - Safety Day and Open Day will bring the season to an end.

Fans will find ticket offers for next season's main events on the circuit's website in early December. For all those who want to give an experience under the Xmas tree, the autodrome has also prepared discounted Christmas packages.

Dates of scheduled races for the 2023 season

2.4.                 Carbonia Cup                                  club car racing

15.4.               Central Europe Time Attack Cup        club car racing

8.6.                 Le Most 6h                                     club endurance car race

23.-25.6.          IDM                                              International German Motorcycle Championship

12.7.                Carbonia Cup                                 club car racing

28.-30.7.        WorldSBK Czech Round               superbike world championship

5.-6.8.             ESET V4 Cup                                  Automobile Championship (GT, TCR, F4)

11.-13.8.          Czech Moto Classic                         club races of historic motorcycles

25.-27.8.        Czech Truck Prix & NASCAR        European Truck Racing Championship

6.9.                 Le Most 6h                                    club endurance car race

29.-30.9.          Porsche Sprint Challenge CE            cup race of Porsche cars

6.-8.10.           The Most Classic & Histo Cup      Motoring Festival, Racing/Meeting/Exhibition

13.10.              Central Europe Time Attack Cup      club car racing

15.10.              Carbonia Cup                                club car racing

29.10.              AUTOSHOW                                  Safety Day and Open Door Day


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