Actual information of circuit operation

Dear business partners and friends,

Below you can find the latest information regarding the events of the past weeks in Czech Republic. Please read the full info, as we will soon the borders will be opened and the track will be operational for 100%.

Update of the situation in the Czech Republic for the customers of the AUTODROM MOST a.s.:

From 18th of May, the state of emergency has ended

From 25th of May, events for 300 people at the same time are permitted. For example,  it is possible to organize one event for 300 people on Saturday, and for another 300 people on Sunday. It is also possible to organize two separate areas of 300 people each, with strict separation of the participants. It is possible to use for example spectator sites.

The number of people permitted is constantly evolving, and it is expected an increase to 500 and 3000 people.

From 25th of May, customers can use facilities like toilettes or pit garages.

From 25th of May, it is not necessary to wear mouth masks in outside space, they are still necessary inside.

From 25th of May, restaurants are permitted, both outside and inside grounds.

The main rule, what needs to be followed is a distance of 1.5m between people, regular hygiene and disinfection of the indoor areas, wearing of mouth masks indoors, we also recommend mouth masks outdoors, regular hygiene standards.

Border crossing:

A negative Covid-19 test and entry permit is currently required for entry into Czech Republic. We are happy to confirm the permit. From 25th of May, border controls are no longer for everyone, but only random.

For return trip, the obligations in Germany and other countries are individual and varies. According to spoken information from Prime Minister Angela Merkel and Foreign Ministers on May 15th, people can travel without restrictions from May 25th.

Therefore, neither the Covid-19 test and the permit will be needed after returning to your home state.

Practically, from 15th of July, there will be for 99% free border cross and no crossing restrictions and we can fully meet our valid contracts.


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