Czech Motorland – Autodrom Most’s off-road park is a natural area comprising various kinds of surface: arable land, clay soil made smooth, and a combination of bulk material, earth and rocks. It is necessary to decide on the route according to the vehicle type with the aim of completing the course without damaging the equipment or causing bodily injury.

Any less experienced driver must be supervised by a specialist while there is no insurmountable obstacle. Off-road is able to get any performance driver prepared for off-road driving using any machine. Although there are some limits, most of them can be pushed forward, which we have achieved.

Czech Motorland is about enjoying overcoming obstacles (a real adrenaline-pumping thrill). We are looking for limits for both participants and vehicles and pushing these limits to a higher level.

The course is equipped with artificial obstacles (permanent ways, log crawls), but in particular, it consists of natural obstacles (downhills, uphills, side slopes, water crossings, etc.).

Training features:

Axle twisters, traversing obstacles at an oblique angle, downhills and uphills, manoeuvring in narrow spaces, side slope, two-tracking, using a winch, tyre directional control testing, fording, and trying to find the optimal lines for individual types of vehicles.

Handling emergency situations while descending a steep slope, driving uphill, treating side slopes or recovery of a vehicle.

Side slope: 20° to 42°

Expedition Extreme Offroad Safari

For more information about the expedition, please contact the following email address:

Experience with Dakar and VIP drivers

For more information about the experience, please contact the following email address:

Míra Lisý enduro course

For more information about the enduro school, please contact the following email address:

Multiple use

The Czech Motorland park facilities are ideal for experiences and courses for:

  • Passenger cars and off-road vehicles
  • Vehicles above 3.5 tonnes
  • Quad bikes
  • Motorcycles
  • Cyklocrossrädern
  • Armoured fighting vehicles

 The complex is also suitable for team-building and unconventional events like the “Spartan Race”.

Opening hours:

  • Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. Reservation needs to be made at least 24 hours before desired term, by sending message at: or at telephone number +420 476 449 976
  • At any time upon prior arrangement at the following email address: or at telephone number +420 476 449 976

Prices of the offroad track:

Service Price including VAT
1 hour/1 vehicle or motorcycle € 10,-
1 day/1 vehicle or motorcycle € 20,-

The price includes:

  • loan of WAP cleaning equipment


  • refreshments
  • rental of on-board cameras
  • personal coach

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