Frequently ask questions

What is the next step when I have ordered a voucher?
In the calendar of events section on the main website of the autodrome, you will find a suitable date when you want to complete the ordered experience or service. Then you choose to pay by gift voucher and enter its number, and the date will be booked.

Where can I find testing dates?
You can find the dates of free driving (also known as testing or training) on our website in the Motorsport section, in the Free rides subsection or in our calendar of events. Then click on the Buy Online icon, where you choose a suitable date.

Can I order a gift voucher?
Yes, you can choose from gift vouchers here.

Do you have a safe driving school?
Yes, it is part of safe driving courses, you can choose from the menu on our website in the Safe Driving section.

Do you rent racing cars? Which cars?
Yes, we rent the Škoda Octavia RS III Cup. Another cars are possible after individual agreement. It is possible to drive cars yourself or order a taxi ride on the passenger seat.

Covid - situation, are races taking place?
We organized the Czech Truck Prix at the end of August, the European circuit truck championship. This is the flagship event in our annual calendar of events. We are also planning the racing weekend The MaxxMotion NASCAR Show, moved from June to the weekend of November 14 and 15. However, it depends on the current epidemiological situation, which we are constantly monitoring.

Can I come see the complex? What can be seen today?
The area is open to the public all year round, you can find the program in the calendar of events on our website. However, due to state of emergency due to covid-19 disease, we were forced to temporarily close the autodrome area to the public for the state of emergency. We monitor the epidemiological situation and we will make our area available again as soon as possible.

Will be there a open day for public in 2020?
Due to the current state of emergency it is not possible to organize an open day for public at this time.



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