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Autodrom Most has a strategic position in Central Europe thanks to its accessibility from Germany and Austria as well as Poland and also in part due to its advantageous location near the touristically attractive cities of Prague and Karlovy Vary.

The autodrom offers activities in the areas of motor sports and safety, as well as family and corporate events. The premises can also be leased for your own event – either as a whole or only some specific parts. These are interconnected, easily accessible and have their own facilities.

AUTODROM MOST currently organizes domestic as well as international races of motorcycles, travel vehicles, trucks, endurance races and newly also a sprint race. Its management is gradually introducing various new features, both in the area of motor sports and outside of it, with the goal of making the premises more accessible to the general public and making it a highly sought-after centre which will be part of the sports, social and cultural life of the region all year round.

Large racing circuit

  • length 4,212 m
  • width 12 - 14 m
  • Longest straight 792 m
  • Shortest straight 150 m
  • 21 curves (9 left and 12 right)
  • Superelevation 12.04 m
  • maximum up-gradient +2.8 %
  • maximum down-gradient -3.2 %
  • clockwise travel direction
  • professional timing
  • 42 boxes 

The autodrom also has a small racing circuit, which is part of the polygon training grounds. It was created right next to the autodrom and is directly connected to it. Aside from safe driving courses, it also offers sports driving courses in racing specials under the supervision of experienced professionals. The Polygon has an area of 13 hectares. Thanks to its equipment and training methodology, it is the most modern facility of its kind in Central Europe. The premises are also equipped with a newly prepared offroad track. Two tracks with varying levels of difficulty are available in the terrain, specifically for SUVs and offroads.

race time  racer  machine date
moto 1:31,936 min.   Toprak Razgatlıoğlu (TR)  Yamaha R1  30.07.2022
auto  1:22,981 min.  Bernd Herndlhofer (A)  Arrows A22  29.08.2020
truck  2:01,340 min. (125.173 km/h)  David Vršecký (CZ)  Freightliner  31.08.2009

Small racing circuit

  • length 2,225 m
  • of which chippings 252 m
  • width 6-20 m
  • Longest straight 295 m
  • superelevation 11 m

Training ground technology

Skidding area with a double-sided hydraulic swinging desk and water obstacles

simulation of back axle breakaway, and subsequent handling on the skidding surface

modification of the training while avoiding water obstacles

braking during various adhesive conditions

simulation of solving critical situations – frontal collision.

Skidding area with an aquaplaning track and water obstacles

braking under various adhesive conditions – dry, wet, snow, ice

slalom on dry as well as wet surfaces with water obstacles

training of vehicle handling when driving through the aquaplaning tank

training of emergency avoidance during various adhesive conditions.

Asphalt training area


practice of safe distance between vehicles when driving

braking on dry surfaces – steady, emergency, sudden

dry slalom

Skidding surface – slope with a turn and 7% inclination for training of driving and braking

starting, braking, traversing turns on the skidding surface

identification of differences between flat and uphill roads

avoidance manoeuvres from water obstacles when driving downhill

training of sudden avoidance of water obstacles during quick driving uphill

natural front and back axle skid


a non-traditional tyre system which allows a vehicle to start drifting much more easily

Offroad track

  • length 1,100 m

up- and down-gradient 40°-45°

SUV track

  • length 950 m
  • up- and down-gradient 30°-55°

The Most Fun Arena

The premises also include a complimentary "fun" arena, which is open to the public every day between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. However, certain activities are not available in winter months. For more information, contact us at event@autodrom-most.cz or the phone number +420 476 449 976.

The fun arena offers a track for go-karts, four wheelers and buggies, a children's traffic playground with the option of renting bikes and helmets and areas for picnics, celebrations and weddings.

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