Autodrom Most 2022: Three world events and more investment in the complex

09.01.2022 23:59

Autodrom Most has been through a busy racing season and promises its motor racing fans at least equally rich and varied spectacles for 2022.

The past season was full of challenges for the Most circuit, and that both from a sporting point of view and in terms of organisation as well as regarding the COVID-19 situation as a matter of course. “In the past season, we were offered the opportunity to organise big events such as the Superbike World Championship or the FIA World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) among others. We have learned a lot, all the more so because the whole situation was complicated by the well-known coronavirus pandemic. But we know now that we are well-prepared for such events and able to handle them professionally. At the same time, we continue to work on improving the entire complex. Moreover, the world events like WorldSBK forced us to intensify the planned investment”, said Josef Zajíček, the Autodrom Most Chief Executive Officer.

At present, Most sees another stage of track reconstruction focussing on replacement of the start-finish straight surface including the well-known first chicane and several hundred metres of the following section. As soon as it is finished, the circuit will have a new surface along the entire length. Some run-off zones and traps face changes of kerbs and drainage as well as enlargement. Investment in the reconstruction made only in 2021 will climb to 35 million crowns. The November alterations will be followed by more work in other sectors in February aiming primarily at increasing efficiency of the run-off areas and drainage.

While the last season saw some premieres, the season ahead will be marked by stabilisation and continuation of the work on both new and traditional series. “We want to offer high-quality races to the widest possible spectrum of motorsport fans. Of course, our flagship is now the Superbike World Championship, the Czech round of which will be run in mid-summer again. Another great event will take place right at the start of the season, when the World Touring Car Cup is on the calendar. The third season climax will be the traditional FIA European Truck Racing Championship round, which will be held for the thirtieth time at Most”, said Josef Zajíček.


Thus, supporters of the fastest production motorcycles can look forward to the weekend of 29–31 July, when WorldSBK will be staged at Most. Besides the superbikes, where Karel Hanika was a wild-card entry, the SSP and SSP300 categories will be run again, where Czech riders took part last year. Oliver König finished a strong third in SSP300 and planned to move up to a higher class.

The second greatest event of the 2022 season will be the FIA World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) taking place from 9 to 10 April (to be confirmed by the FIA). This series had its Most debut during the race super weekend in late October 2021, when both the WTCR and the FIM Endurance World Championship took place within two days at Most. In addition to Petr Fulín, another candidate for a wild-card entry could be Tomáš Enge, who mentioned his possible participation in the WTCR during the recent celebration of the twentieth anniversary of his Formula One Grand Prix start.

The third season climax will be the traditional Czech Truck Prix, a FIA European Truck Racing Championship round, which will take place on a new date: on the first weekend in September, 2–4 September, to be precise (to be confirmed by the FIA). The date has been moved so that it may not collide with the date of the Barum Rally at Zlín. For the thirtieth anniversary edition, Autodrom Most prepares a special programme, which will be introduced to the public gradually as the year progresses. But it is sure even now that the trucks will again be supported by the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series – including the Czech Euro NASCAR 2 champion, Martin Doubek. Newly, the TCR Eastern Europe series will join the weekend celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Czech Truck Prix.

“I must give Autodrom Most praise on behalf of our national motorsport authority. By contrast to foreign countries, where many sports events were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, we seized the opportunity and tried to bring them to the Czech Republic, especially world championship rounds. Sometimes, it was at very short notice and negotiations were not easy at all. On the other hand, we have found a professional and flexible partner in the person of Mr Zajíček, with whom we could steer everything towards a successful agreement. The world events we have brought here have received positive assessment both at home and abroad. I am happy that Autodrom Most becomes a stronghold of circuit racing. A huge credit certainly goes to the National Sports Agency for government financial support, without which it would be impossible”, said Jan Šťovíček, the President of Auto Club of Czech Republic (ACCR).



Scheduled race dates in 2022

April 3               Carbonia Cup                           club car racing

April 9–10        FIA WTCR                                World Touring Car Cup

April 17             Trabantrennen 12 h                   12-hour Trabant club race

May 27–29        VFV GLP                                   club car and motorcycle racing

June 24–26        IDM                                         International German Motorcycle Championship

July 6                Carbonia Cup                            club car racing

July 29–31       WorldSBK Czech Round          World Superbike Championship

August 5–7        Czech Moto Classic                     historic motorcycle club racing

September 2–4  Czech Truck Prix                    FIA European Truck Racing Championship

September 6       Le Most                                    endurance automobile club race

September 8–11 Porsche Cup Central Europe         Porsche cup series race

October 7–9       Histo Cup                                  historic and contemporary car racing

October 16         Carbonia Cup                             club car racing


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