Improved safety zones, a new camera system, control tower and restaurant. Intensive work was in full swing at Most over the winter!

10.03.2022 11:28

The Most circuit has undergone another stage of improvements, and is fully prepared for the forthcoming season, when it will host several world-class events headed by the Superbike World Championship (July 29–31). Track safety is now monitored with a brand-new up-to-date camera system, the run-off areas have been improved, the race track drainage is also new, and the control tower and restaurant have been adjusted as well.


Investment in improving the Autodrom Most facilities and track keep going this year, too. After reconstruction of the track surface had been finished last autumn, modifications were focussed on further improvements in safety and enhancement of racing driver and public comfort in February.


“This year, we started already in January working on a new drainage system with a total length of 4.5 kilometres, which is related to the previous track surface reconstruction”, says Jindřich Hrneček, the Autodrom Most Sporting Director. There are new timing loops measuring time at individual sections to an accuracy of thousandths of a second, the top speed along the start-finish straight and more key data. “On several bends, we have extended the safety zones by four to six metres and changed their camber so that they may be even more effective if necessary. Of course, all of them comply with the FIA and FIM international regulations”, says Hrneček. Altogether, we have moved 5,500 tons of gravel and some more thousands of tons of earth as part of the groundworks.


Reconstruction of the control tower aimed at the control room and the entire lower floor, where the race control is located. The enlarged space of the control room now meets the requirements for organising world-class events. Associated with this is also a new camera system provided by a local company in keeping with Autodrom’s investment strategy. As a result, track safety is newly monitored with a system of twenty-seven 4K resolution cameras. “The cameras are rotating, equipped with a wiper, and our data warehouse stores the recordings for a period of fourteen days”, adds Sporting Director Jindřich Hrneček.

Jindřich Hrneček, Sporting Director and Libor Sládek, Technical Director, the Autodrom Most. 


It is reconstruction of the restaurant standing next to the control tower that completes the list of new features which will please not only racing drivers but also visitors. “The restaurant will be ready early in April. The visitors can look forward to a notably larger interior including the viewing area terrace with an open bar on the roof of the restaurant”, says Libor Sládek, the Autodrom Most Technical Director.  


In total, just this year's investment almost amounts to twenty million crowns so far. This season has slowly started running at Most. Apart from testing, practice sessions and agency riding, the first races took place last weekend. The public, too, will soon have an opportunity to try all the new features including the new surface. The traditional season opener for all fans, the Most AUTOSHOW event, is held on 27th March this year.

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