Sports driving course

The sport driving course is suitable for all car fans who want to get to know their car better and for all drivers who would like to learn dynamic driving. The course includes a whole range of advanced manoeuvres at high speeds that are rehearsed on the small circuit of the Most Autodrom. The course also includes training of correct handling in turns and on the small circuit. At the end, you can also test your newly acquired skills on the racing track of the Most Autodrom.

When to take the course? If you want to:

  • discover your limits and the limits of your car
  • learn correct dynamic driving of your car
  • practice ideal handling of turns

The maximum number of participants in one group is 10

Course price:

Course name Price including VAT
Sports driving course € 240,-

The price includes:

  • theoretical teaching and practical training of sport driving on the small circuit and Autodrom under the supervision of professional coaches
  • participant's certificate


  • rental of sports and race cars
  • rental of on-board cameras
  • rental of time measurement equipment
  • refreshments
  • personal trainer

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