FOR MOTO training with Míra Lisý

A course under the guidance of the eleven-time champion of the Czech Republic in the trial, motocross and enduro categories focuses on teaching safe driving skills on motorcycles and handling critical situations on the road. The course is suitable for all performance categories. The theoretical part includes driving techniques, critical situations and anticipating them. The practical part then targets the handling of stability and control of the motorcycle. During the hour-long training on the racing circuit, the instructor will teach you to use an ideal track. 

The training is suitable for:

  • beginners as well as advanced drivers with a road motorcycle
  • those who want to learn how to skilfully manoeuvre through critical situations
  • those who want to practice before the start of the season or after a longer break
  • those who are interested in trying out a racing track

Course content and scope:

  •   60 minutes of theoretical preparation
  • 150 minutes of basic practical training on own motorcycles
  •   40 minutes of practical training of smooth driving and preparation for driving on the circuit
  •   60 minutes of practical training on the circuit; analysis of driving after each hour.

Course price:

Course name Price including VAT
Training with Míra Lisý € 192,-

The price includes:

  • theoretical teaching and practical training on the small circuit and racing track of the Most autodrom for one person
  • training on a motorcycle with a falling frame
  • participant's certificate


  • rental of on-board cameras

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