The Most Challenge

The Most Challenge is a year-long competition during which its participants – amateur racers – strive to achieve the best time per round on the large racing circuit.

The first impulse leading to the creation of the Most Challenge was the record of one of the best Czech racers and two-time winner of the ETCC, Petr Fulín. He actually achieved this excellent time on the Most autodrom in a series car. Vojtěch Štajf from the Subaru team then immediately accepted the challenge and tried to beat this record. This led the organizers to create an exclusive club for fast series cars in which the general public can try to achieve a time of less than 2 minutes with their own cars within free rides on the circuit.


The Most Challenge is part of the free rides on the large circuit. 


It is only possible to participate in the competition in a series vehicle, which can include additional "bonus" equipment One of the basic conditions for participating in the competition is to allow a professional inspection to assess whether the vehicle is suitable for participating and to respect the teams decision.

Specification of a series car

This is an unaltered vehicle approved for road transportation. It must have a valid technical inspection and registration mark. Participants of the competition will identify themselves with the small technical card, their personal ID and a filled-in registration form, which they will receive at the starting tower upon payment. A helmet is mandatory; if required, participants can borrow one.

Checks performed before starting:
  • tyres - must be standard road tyres
  • brakes
  • visible adjustments of the engine


The price for participating in the Most Challenge is CZK 400, which is the usual price for ten minutes of free driving. The fee includes the borrowing of professional equipment for an official time measurement of a live round.

Time Schedule

After the required administrative tasks and payment of the fee, the organizers check the vehicle and install measuring equipment. The competitor then drives three laps on the circuit. The first is a warm-up round, the second is live and its time is measured. The third round is reserved for returning to the box.


The driver with the best time receives a free racing licence. Another bonus is the unique opportunity to drive a safety car during next year's Czech Truck Prix. Drivers finishing in 2nd and 3rd place based on the achieved times will also receive interesting prizes.

Additional services

  • a helmet (as a loan for the time of the ride in limited number)

After a previous order, made at least 24 hours in advance, we would like to offer you also:

  • professional photographer
  • rental of on-board cameras
  • presence of a professional instructor

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