FUN course for drivers

The safe driving course allows participants to meet common situations of everyday traffic. You will learn not only how to deal with the situations but also how to avoid them, e.g., by adhering to the rules for vehicle and driver preparation.

During practical training, you will then try out braking as well as braking plus avoidance on dry, wet or very slippery surfaces whose properties resemble snow or black ice, back or front axle skids, braking and avoidance on slopes and in turns.

As a part of the course you can try a skill drive and compete for prizes for the best driver.

Course content and scope:

  •   60 minutes of safe driving theory
  • 240 minutes of practical training on slippery polygon surfaces
  •   60 minutes for the competition for prizes
  •   60-minute lunch break

Course price:

Course name Price including VAT

The price includes:

  • theoretical teaching and practical training of safe driving on the Polygon training surfaces for one person
  • participant's certificate


  • refreshments
  • insurance for driving outside public roads
  • vehicle rental
  • rental of on-board cameras

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