Offroad Intensive course

An intensive course for offroad vehicles focusing especially on driving offroad. This type of course is mostly dedicated to specific problems you may encounter in offroad driving. On the polygon areas you will learn and obtain a basic "feeling" for driving SUVs and offroad vehicles. Afterwards you will try to master all the obstacles associated with driving on less difficult trails as well as heavy terrain. For instance, you will learn how to handle steep slopes, driving with large side tilt, driving on highly uneven surfaces when the axles cross, and driving oblique hillside. 

When should you participate in the Offroad Intensive course? If you want to:

  • become practically acquainted with the equipment of your SUV or offroad vehicle
  • protect not only your health but also that of the passengers
  • minimize damage to the vehicle during offroad driving, and hence also potentially minimize costs
  • familiarize yourself with the functions of modern assistance technologies in vehicles
  • experience a day full of adventure and excitement associated with offroad driving

Course content and scope:

  • 120 minutes of safe driving theory
  • 60 minutes of training on the polygon
  • 180 minutes of practical training on an offroad track
  • 120-minute lunch break

Course price:

Offroad Intensive Price including VAT
Offroad Intensive course € 195,-

The price includes:

  • theoretical teaching and practical training of safe driving on the Polygon training surfaces and offroad tracks for one person
  • participant's certificate


  • refreshments
  • vehicle rental
  • rental of on-board cameras

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